The Switch is a pocket knife with 12 interchangeable attachments. Interchangeable being the operative word here.

You can mix the configuration allowing you to customize your knife to suit your needs.

Mix it up

I’ve yet to find “the perfect tool”, but the prospect of being able to switch out all of these components has me hoping. The Switch comes with a flathead & Phillips screwdriver, file, bottle opener, LED flashlight, mirror, wood saw, serrated blade, straight blade, pliers, scissors and tweezer, pick and pen.

Get Some

At $89.99 it’s not a bad investment if can fulfill your everyday needs once and for all.

I’ve found the utility of having tools like this don’t become obvious until you’ve carried them for a bit. I always have a “multi-tool” of some sort on or with me and these things make a difference.

Life saving – maybe

I was delivering water bottles to returning Ethiopian refugees last week and the people I was working with were using a rusty piece of metal sheeting to open up the cases. Luckily I had my multitool with me. It wasn’t because it was easier to use (which it was) it was because I didn’t have use the rusty piece of metal and risk getting cut open in some nasty conditions where there was no hospital in sight.

You never know.  Quirky Sports Switch V2 Fishing Pocket Knife