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Full-size pistols bring a reliable, hard-hitting effectiveness that is tough to match.

The previous year saw a number of releases that quickly made their mark in the full-size pistol category. From impeccable accuracy to exceptional ergonomics, each handgun on this list has something unique to offer.

Read below and scroll through the gallery above for Combat Handguns magazine‘s best full-size pistols of 2016.

C&S Modern Classic

The Modern Classic is designed to be a retro pistol that is suitable for daily carry and personal defense. As such, several changes were made from the anniversary gun. The most noticeable enhancements are the hardball fixed sights. The rear sight is an elevated fixed blade while the front sight is a dovetailed post. As expected, the base of the front sight has been contoured to the radius of the slide, making the seam almost invisible. The checkered slide stop was replaced with a modern serrated version and the hammer and grip safety are the same configuration as found on the 1911A1. Since this is a defensive pistol, the original-style thumb safety was replaced with a C&S extended safety. (cylinder-slide.com; 402-721-4277)

Colt Delta Elite

Introduced in 1987, the Delta Elite is the original 1911 to be chambered in the 10mm cartridge. This time-tested Colt uses a Series 70 mechanism as well as a standard grip safety and thumb safety. This gun is old-school for sure, but it’s built to be reliable. The Colt Delta Elite uses a dual spring recoil system, which Colt also uses in the CQBP Marine pistol, to help dampen felt recoil. Additional old-school styling includes an arched mainspring housing and rounded, Commander-style hammer. (colt.com; 800-962-2658)

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