If the Spyderco forums issued awards to its members, RamZar would be on the shortlist for MVP. This veteran contributor manages to do the impossible and keep on top of the Golden, CO company’s ever-changing release schedule. New additions, delays, sudden drops – somehow RamZar keeps track of it all, making his longstanding thread one of the most valuable on the website. We checked in with RamZar’s Release Schedule to see what blades Spyderco fans are still waiting for in 2017.

Spyderco dropped their 2017 catalog in December but added in some surprise releases at SHOT Show. More announcements followed with the mid-year product guide last month. The company has been making good progress on their ambitious lineup, but there are still a fair number of new models left to go. Not counting the numerous Sprint Runs and variations an additional 16 models are in the pipeline. Here’s what fans have to look forward to in the months to come:

Caribbean: The Caribbean knives were an eye-catching surprise at SHOT Show 2017. Part of the Salt Series, they will feature rustproof LC200N blade steel, bumblebee-color handles, and come in four configurations.

16 Spyderco Models Still Due to Ship in 2017

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