Tactical Tupperware may be the way of the future, but the ergonomics and crisp trigger of a 1911 can’t be denied.  Perhaps it’s the handsome lines of Browning’s design or the reassuring heft of a steel frame in hand, but regardless, it’s tough to be a handgunner and not appreciate the 1911.  Fortunately, appreciation for a classic doesn’t require ignoring evolution.

More than 100 years of engineering and manufacturing advancements have taken place since the advent of the 1911.  Absolutist may try to ignore them, but a modern 1911 doesn’t have to be unreliable, chambered in .45acp, or even single-stack.  The craftsmen at Metro Arms understand this and have created a piece to be admired on the range or on a proverbial podium of a local competition.  The American Classic XB fits 17+1 rounds of 9mm into a hand-fitted 1911.  Take a look at the craftsmanship in the video below.

For those of you who love guns-by-numbers the specifications listed below are taken directly from the product web page.

Caliber 9mm
Action SA
Capacity 17+1
Barrel Length 5″
Front Sight Mil-Spec
Rear Sight Dovetail
Finishes Blue
Grips Aluminum
Construction 4140 Steel Frame / 4140 Hammer Forged Steel Slide
Safety Ambidextrous Thumb Safety / Beavertail
Weight 39.40
Length 8.40″
Height 5.40″
Width 1.50″

As you can see in the video the XB is very well made.  Fitment is tight and accurate and I’m betting the shooting will be too.  I’ll get the XB out to the range soon for the standard battery of tests.  For those unfamiliar with GBGuns the process begins with a full-magazine +1 for essential reliability, then I run a variety of different loads through the gun.  Between bullet profiles, projectile weights, powder blends, and case materials not all ammo runs well in all guns.  This, “What’s for Dinner?” test is intended to identify what the gun will and won’t eat.  After that a quick field accuracy test using Nosler Match ammunition which is really more of where I gather thoughts on the gun than it is a test of the gun.

If you’re unfamiliar with American Classic fear not.  This is the same company that produces the amazing Metro Arms Bobcut, SPS Pantera, and Llama Micromax.