Browning’s 1911 is an undeniable classic.  Crisp trigger, natural grip angle, and that personal reward that comes with customizing.  Like Glocks for grownups, the 1911 has the same aftermarket support, but parts aren’t always drop-in.  Tuning up a 1911 requires some actual skill beyond simple plug-and-play plastic.  One piece that is quicker and easier to change on a 1911 is the grip.

AlumaGrips are precision-cut with CNC machines

Serving as the weld between man and machine, the grip is one of the interfaces between us and our handgun.  Though proper grip may ignore the sides of the gun, it is those sides that provide traction on the draw and love or hate for our sides when we carry.  Four simple screws are all it takes  to transform the look and feel of a 1911.

AlumaGrips is a CNC shop in Arizona.  They make custom and ready-to-ship grips for a variety of models including some very nice-looking options for AR-15s.  What makes their product different is the degree of detail and precision put into the cut and shape of each piece.  Of course the real question is how do they feel in the hand.

Hand fit is just as personal as the idea of selecting a pair of grips, but we were pleased that the “grater” version we tried wasn’t sharp.  To really put it to the test we tried them on our 6″ 10mm from Rock Island.  Both large male and smaller female hands were used on the 10mm cannon.  See the results and our feelings in the video below.

With any luck we’ll soon be able to report on AlumaGrips’ AR-15 parts.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  What think they’ll make for a perfect match on our FX-9 pistol.

Photos by author