Hydration is the key to surviving and thriving in any situation. If you’ve ever spent any time in the military, or at least the Marines, you’ve heard the phrase drink water. It is to the point where it’s become a meme in the military community. Any Corpsman will tell you the cure for anything is to change your socks, take Motrin, and drink water. The 1Hydro by 1Tac aims to give you an option to drink water any and everywhere.

What is the 1Hydro?

The 1Hydro by 1Tac is a complete water bottle and filtration system all in one. The 1 Hydro is a simple system that utilizes a ABS plastic water bottle and an integrated filtration system. The 1Hydro acts as a straw as well as a filter. The filter is replaceable and can process up to 396 gallons of water. The 1Tac 1Hydro filter has a shelf life of 5 years and removes everything from E-Coli to Giardia from the water supply.

1Hydro Pro Hydration Series - Hydrate Everywhere
Great for a Hot Day at the Range

The 1Hydro bottle is an average sized bottle that will fit in most water bottle pouches, including my Blue Force Gear water bottle pouch. It’s complete with a lanyard that would make filling up via a running water source easy to do without risking losing your bottle. The lid even has a small compass built into it, which is a nice touch. Installing and replacing the filter takes about ten seconds.

1Hydro Pro Hydration Series - Hydrate Everywhere

Using the 1Hydro

I’m blessed enough to be tapped into a nice spring for my home water. My water is already and pure and amazing. The same cannot be said about the water at my day job. It’s city water with a noticeable tint and a not so great taste. There really isn’t any instructions on using the 1Hydro, fill up the bottle, put the lid on and drink. One pro tip is to remember how big the filter is and leave room for it. The first time I used it I filled it to the top and stuck the filter in, which displaced some water and made a mess.

1Hydro Pro Hydration Series - Hydrate Everywhere

So my first test was to make my work water not taste weird. If the 1Hydro couldn’t pass this test I wasn’t going to try anything more dynamic. Luckily, it worked. The water didn’t taste horrid and was closer to Aquafina than tap water. Nest I just added some beach sand to the water, shook it up really good, and took a big sip. I’m lying I took a small sip, and then a big sip. The filter had no issues separating the sand from my water. I wouldn’t avoid big debris because it’s likely to clog the filter and if using for survival to try to strain that big debris out of the water as much as possible.

1Hydro Pro Hydration Series - Hydrate Everywhere
Notice How dirty the Water is


This is an excellent bottle for any prepper and would be an awesome edition to any Bug Out Bag. On top of that, it’s simply a good bottle and a good option for carrying while hunting, hiking, or fishing. It’s small and convenient but packs a ton of potential. Interested in your own? Check it out here.