There are many tools available for your EDC loadout, but a simple item like a pen is something that most likely will be available; in most circumstances. To use a coined phrase in a completely different aspect; “the pen is mightier than the sword.” A pen can simply be more than just an instrument for writing; it can be used as a tool for defensive or offensive purposes.

We need to stop incorrectly using the word tactical to explain equipment. Aggressive Action/Self-Defense pens (referred to further as AA/SD) pens are a becoming extremely popular with purveyors of military equipment and survival gear. There are so many to choose from; starting with simple looking instruments built with industrial-strength material, to others that have additional gadgets such as the so-called DNA catchers, glass breaks, knives, or flashlights. However, an AA/SD pen should have a few standard components. First, it needs to be made of material that can take the impact to a variety of hard materials. Second, the defensive pen must have a feature that reduces slippage; this is a must, in stressful situation perspiration increases and will reduce the ability to use this tool in the proper manner. Third must be able to write like a pen, otherwise it is not a pen.

1Tac Tactical Pen  | Aggressive Action/Self-Defense Pens

As someone who travels international at least once a month, my first impressions of the 1Tac Tactical Pen was very simple, “I cannot travel with this!” The pen came with a variety of other features that I simply wouldn’t use; An 80 lumens flashlight located on the cap; A Tungsten steel glass break-tip; A removable 1.25” steel razor blade located in another compartment of the pen; A ballpoint pen. There are a couple of items that I would ask to be enhanced on the pen; First, more aggressive integrated knuckle-curls or serrations to prevent slippage. Second, I would upgrade the ballpoint pen to either a fisher space cartridge or Schmidt Pressurized cartridge for writing in any environment. Third, a higher rated metal other than aluminum that can withstand more impact force.

While this pen may not be for someone who travels on aircraft frequently, it might have usefulness for patrol officers; who may want to have a secondary light. An EMT/Paramedic might use this tool and have a handy blade available for removing cloth like materials. I am sure the possibilities are endless for who else may want to use this pen, but for a low-profile, jet setting, plain guy, the pen is just not for me. If you are planning on carrying an AA/SD pen, please do yourself a favor and get some training on how to use this tool effectively.


  1. (1) Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tactical Pen (Matte Black)
  2. (1) Integrated Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip
  3. (1) Removable Razor Sharp Steel Blade (1.25”in length)
  4. (1) Ballpoint Pen
  5. (1) Replacement Ballpoint Pen
  6. (1) 80 Lumen LED Light
  7. (1) Integrated Steel Pocket Clip for use as Cap-Light
  8. (2) Sets LR936 Replacement Batteries
  9. Weight: 1.23 oz
  10. Dimensions: 5.90”in length

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