Emerson and Kershaw. If we run in similar circles you probably think knives. Ernie Emerson has an excellent reputation for building and designing working knives. Kershaw has been around since the 1970s and builds everything from pocket knives to fillet knives. Kershaw has been teaming with a variety of different knife companies and producing some unique knives. Kershaw and Emerson teamed up to produce the CQC-9K.

CQC-9K First Impressions.

The CQC-9K | First Impressions
The Emerson Ape, and the CQC-9K

Right out of the box the CQC-9K is a big knife but it is a folder. The handle is five and quarter inches long. As the wearer of XL gloves, I’m appreciative of a knife that actually fits my hand. The grip features a wave-like design. This makes it fit in the hand like a champ. The overall grip design encourages a good forward grip. The thumb rests on a textured portion of the backside of the grip. The grip material is made of G10, a comfortable, long lasting, and durable material. It’s water resistant and is textured for control.

Simple is Good

The blade length is 3.5 inches. Some states will classify this as a ‘weapon’ rather than a tool. If your state judges knives by blade length alone it may be too long for carry. The blade of the CQC-9K is a drop point style. It has a nice, smooth curve for easy carving and cutting. The blade opens with a simple thumb disk. It is in no way an assisted opening knife. There is no spring assist in any way. This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. This keeps the knife simpler. Simpler can be better. Simple means less parts that can potentially break.


The CQC-9K | First Impressions
Folds up nice and tight

The knife uses an even simpler frame lock to keep the blade in position. Again, this is a simple design. A frame lock is another piece that is unlikely to fail. You have a stainless steel pocket clip that can be reversed for left-handers. You also get a lanyard loop, which is handier than most people realize. I learned as a clumsy barn builder that a small piece of string can make a big difference when you drop a knife while on a roof.


Stay Tuned

I’ve been carrying the CQC-9K for a little over a week now. It’s proven to be handy, but I haven’t had much time to really get some work out of it. The CQC-9K is a comfortable carry though. It’s only a little over 6 ounces and the clip hasn’t loosened at all. In the upcoming week or two, I plan to actually test the blade. So stay tuned for my more in-depth review. The knife will be tested through normal use, and through some intentional testing situations.