Airports need not be just transfer hubs to and from adventures, they can also BE the adventure… This is my airport story.

2:08 AM           Still lit from our final puffs and edibles before getting on this flight from Amsterdam, I’m sleeping like an intoxicated baby passed out on a cloud.

2:16 AM           That cloud suddenly solidifies into concrete as the jet’s wheels touches down back to Earth, jerking me awake to reality. We have arrived at Airport X of Country Z. Damn, I got the munchies, I need to be fed.

2:32 AM           Carolyn grabs my arm and with so much sorrow, moans how bad her munchies are. I nod and tell her everything is going to be okay, as if the end of the world is nigh… The crew finally lets the passengers out.

2:46 AM           It’s around this time that airports start to slow down into almost vast emptinesses. There’s something serene and fascinating about walking through such massive and modern structures with all the lights on and technologies active but with little to no other people.

2:58 AM           We get to baggage claim and it’s just us and some of the fellow passengers, no one else, not even the staff in sight. Carolyn picks up her duffle.

3:01 AM           Alright, now that’s settled, just 23 and a half more hours to go before our flight to Morocco.

3:06 AM           Normal people would have stayed at a hotel overnight or have opted for a less crazy layover. But this was the plan, to stay here at Airport X for an entire day. You see, I have pull at this airport from previous work and now I have come back to play.

3:22 AM           Now to take care of what’s important, satisfying our munchies. We find an empty McDonald’s and suddenly it doesn’t seem like the end of the world anymore. While feasting I have an epiphany, I love McyDees, but ONLY at airports – it’s the strangest thing.

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