Is it possible to reload 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition? If you had asked me a few weeks ago I would have said no. In general, I didn’t think rimfire could be reloaded due to rimfire priming. However, a company called 22 Reloader has introduced a kit that makes it possible. The 22 Reloader kit is certainly an interesting idea. I have never reloaded ammo before, and I certainly have never cast my own ammo.

22 Reloader - Rimfire Reloading?

The Complete 22 Reloader kit

The 22 Reloader kit comes with a scraper, a dipper, a funnel, a dropper and a bullet cast tool. It comes complete with instructions that guide you through all the steps necessary to reload 22 ammunition. This kit appears to be an interesting tool for preppers and tinkerers. As someone who’s never reloaded or cast bullets before I am quite excited to try it with this kit. I like to tinker and this kit seems custom-made to teach me some reloading basics.

22 Reloader - Rimfire Reloading?
The Kit and Instructions

The 22 Reloader kit comes with instructions to make your own primer compound and to prime your 22 cases. I’ve been reading the instructions and you can make the primer compound from match heads, and even the gunpowder from match heads. Casting lead bullets, making powders and primers gives me this picture of a resistance fighter in World War 2 France. This excites me.

22 Reloader - Rimfire Reloading?
The Priming Compound

There is also a primer compound kit I received to make a less guerilla form of primer, but I’m certainly interested in trying to create a load with nothing more than matches. When I test it I’m excited to try both methods and feel like a guerilla fighter taking out Nazis with a rimfire. A far-fetched fantasy, but one I hope to indulge in.

Follow the Instructions

The instructions make it sound quite simple, and to me, the hardest part will be casting lead. I certainly do not have a professional lead caster, but I feel I can improvise on. I’m thinking a canteen cup and a camp stove will work well, but only time will tell. Once I load some ammo I plan to test it with a simple Chiappa single shot rifle.

22 Reloader - Rimfire Reloading?
Easy to follow instructions

I plan to use a single shot for a variety of reasons. First and foremost if I have a squib load I can easily diagnose it and remove it. Secondly, if I have chambering issues I’ll be able to easily clear them with a pair of pliers. Third, it was a 99 dollar rifle, so if I break it oh well. Stay tuned, hopefully, I return with both my eyes, and all my fingers, and a pile of successfully reloaded 22 ammo.