SuperSetCA brings us to his range once again with his famed cinematography skills as he takes a critical look at one of Trijicon’s latest offerings, the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO). Trijicon has long produced excellent combat worthy optics such as the original Trijicon reflex sight, the VCOG and of-course the ACOG. Trijicon earlier released the Sealed Reflex Sight (SRS) which never took off the way it should have due to a couple issues that we’ll talk about in another article.

Trijicon came crashing back into the scene with the MRO. Aimed at dominating the micro-optic world it comes in at an attractive price point (380-400 bucks) and sports many of the features seen of optics that cost much more. How good is this optic? Many have vouched for the optic but many have also held off to see what the long-term consensus on the MRO would be. While we still may need more time to ascertain its durability and ruggedness there is no doubt that Trijicon got something right with this optic.

In the following video, SuperSetCA brings us his thoughts on the MRO based on his extensive optic experience in the high-stress 3-gun world.