I get this question quite a bit when people view my videos. Are suppressors necessary? Should they buy one? These are questions that cannot be answered by me alone but I thought we could take some time to talk about why you might buy one of these devices and how it might affect the way that you shoot.


It goes without saying that a suppressor is going to reduce the sound output from you rifle / carbine. The level reduced in a 5.56 carbine depends on length of the barrel, and ammunition used among other things. However you on average bring the decibel level down to around 137-139 depending on a variety of factors. This is hearing safe, however with hearing protection it is much improved over a unsuppressed rifle.

Further if you shoot with buddies or indoors a suppressor does wonders in making short-barreled rifles or carbines tolerable and much more pleasant. It goes without saying that if you work on a SWAT team or some equivalent that a suppressor is much appreciated when shooting next to a buddy. Maybe not so much if the scorching suppressor touches him however.

3 reasons to buy a suppressor for a 5.56 rifle


Suppressors effectively reduce recoil by a variety of mechanisms. Weight and slowed exiting velocity of gasses does wonders in helping to control the recoil in any rifle for rapid follow on shots. The downside is of-course added weight and length to the end of your rifle. However depending on what you do this may be acceptable.


Whether you’re shooting at night or under night vision a suppressor is a welcome addition to your weapon. A suppressor will virtually eliminate recoil from your rifle during night shooting ensuring that you don’t blind yourself with each pull of the trigger. Further, if shooting under night vision – a suppressor helps keep the night vision from blooming with each pull of the trigger.

There are many more reasons to buy or not buy a suppressor but hopefully this short article got the gears turning in your head and worked as a simple primer on why you might want to consider a suppressor.