Anyone poking around the internet looking for veteran created content that hasn’t been done before should give a look-see at the spin on artwork from brand Thirty Seconds Out. If you don’t know what 30 Seconds Out is then check out the killer artwork from the mind of a retired Navy SEAL. After two decades of gunslinging for the Navy, with the last eleven years served at Naval Special Warfare Development Group, Evan Rommel really wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after retiring in April of 2014. He knew that fear leaves a lot of veterans with paralysis and prevents them from taking action on doing anything worthy to move them forward. People get stuck. Evan knew that action was more important than talking. (Seen above is Evan’s “Heavy Days”)

Most shooters that come home need to make some kind of living, but some find that teaching the skills they used throughout their own career becomes a grind, and he wanted no part of that. It’s not that he was opposed to being involved in the firearms industry but he was never really a ‘gun’ guy.

Other than his HK 416 and Eotech Evan wasn’t looking to immerse himself into the familiar. He wanted to do something that he had no experience in. He felt that art was calling him and he wanted to see where it went. What he did have was a 20 year vacuum of artistic inexpression. He had more experience spraying lead than spraying a canvas with paint. Think of a highly trained, active and intelligent person that has experienced a lot of warfighting throughout their twenty-year career yet given crayons and told to be creative. No doubt they’ll sit there mutely trying to process the request. Out of destruction comes creation. (Seen above, the words on his poster, sums it all up.)

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