I recently had the privilege of attending Combat Kill House with Matt Graham. I had been eye balling this class for about two years. When I finally had the opportunity to attend I jumped on it.

Often times when I spend a great deal of time wanting something it lets me down when I finally get it. That was certainly not the case with Combat Kill House. The class lived up to my expectations and more.

I have been training and executing close quarters battle (CQB) for the last 9 years with the military. Going into class I assumed it would be adaptations of the same techniques/tactics/procedures (TTPs) I was used to. I was wrong. The first thing Matt gave us was a hard reality check: It’s only you and it’s all yours. This wasn’t a team based approach to CQB at all; it was all based on working to solve the problem by yourself

Let me take a moment to clarify that Matt never asked anyone to abandon their previous training. Matt is the first person to say he understands when students are limited by standard operating procedures (SOPs) and/or TTPs that are driven by their occupation whether that be law enforcement or military. He isn’t seeking to change those TTPs or SOPs. He is trying to change the way we think and approach the fight when we don’t have a team or partner with us.

Matt isn’t set on creating super soldiers or ninjas during Kill House. In Kill House, Matt worked to change the way we saw and thought about the space around us. He gave us the tools and confidence to use that knowledge and vision to move and fight in close quarters to save yourself and your loved ones.

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