Whether you are a military servicemember, law enforcement officer, or just an EDC enthusiast, you probably own a watch. Owning a watch is a tradition that dates back multiple centuries, a tradition that the military actually played a major hand in influencing, and a tradition that still continues today in the world of digital technology. Your choice in a watch may have come down to tactical considerations or just casual preference. Whatever your reason is, you value owning a watch whether it be for fashion, reputation, or practicalness.

The hobby of watch collecting and horology can be confusing at first. There are a lot of watches available on the market in a variety of styles, different features, and a ridiculously vast range of prices. If you happen to be looking for your first EDC watch, the Seiko SNK809 is worth your consideration. Like I said, there is a myriad of different watches available on the market so the Seiko SNK809 may not fit the bill for everybody, but it will serve most people well. Perhaps no watch offers the best combination of features than the Seiko SNK809 when considering that this watch, as well as its variants, can be purchased for just $50. Watch the video below by The Urban Gentry YouTube Channel for an in-depth review.

Featured image courtesy of The Urban Gentry YouTube Channel.