Tired of looking for scarce .22 ammo and paying too much when you find a few boxes?  There is an American made solution to your problem of reloading .22LR. The guys at 22lrreloader.com have everything you need.  The manual contains close up photography, cutaway views, and all details necessary for reloading .22LR.

Shooters will tell you it is impossible to reload rimfire ammo without special equipment. Some of us wonder how these companies even reload them to begin with. It doesn’t sound right that a company can load the priming compound into the rim and we can’t find a way ourselves. Is it the best kept secret in the world? It would have to be a secret if it truly is impossible to reload. Rimfire casings have enclosed primers in the rim, hence the name, and the compound has to be enclosed in it properly in order to get it to work properly. This is the biggest cause for people to think reloading rimfire cartridges are next to impossible.

Reloading .22LR rimfire has been said to be a myth and impossible for so long that we have forgotten that during the Great Depression and WW2, Americans responded to shortages of the ammo bt reloading .22. There have been kits in the past that helped people reload .22LR, but it seems that it has fallen into legend and myth. There is now a new kit, made in the US to help you reload your beloved .22 caliber ammo.

Here is the kit you get. I have yet to even open the kit, but I wanted to give my initial impressions of the kit. Pretty much everything you will need to get started. aside from stuff to melt the lead for casting and making the compound and getting the powder, this is everything. Refer to the above link for videos on how to use this kit.

reloading .22LR



With all of this, a site with videos to help you get started, and a lifetime warranty, how could you resist? Whether you reload, shoot .22LR, or are into self-reliance and survival gear, this kit will fascinate you. I don’t even own a .22LR gun but this excites me for everyone that does have one. Reloading .22LR with this kit will bring us closer to not having to rely on a store to get a shipment of cheap .22LR ammo in. I mean come on, who wants to pay a premium for cheap ammo when you can just make some at home for a fraction of the cost? Yes, ladies and gents, it does exist at last, and this is it. Reloading .22LR just become widely affordable and doable.

If you are ready to reload .22, you can get everything you need right HERE. With this kit you can survive any disaster and it will last so long that your grand kids will still be shooting reloaded 22.

by David Donchess

David Served in the USMC, deployed twice and got wounded. Retired and moved to Alaska. Has a passion for reviewing and testing guns and gear of all kinds. Enjoys working to dispel myths and show that you can train and practice in a realistic, safe, and practical way.

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