Brownell’s has long been a friend of the gun builder.  From their beginning as a parts and tool supply to their growth into their current status as the Candyland for gun lovers.  Not long ago they began making their own AR-15 magazines (I’ve seen it personally, these are not simple rebrands), and now they offer slides for Glock pistols.

Complimenting the craze for 80% builds, and providing the options corporate Glock refuses to, Brownell’s slides satisfy the Glockophile in several ways.  Starting with a solid piece of 17-4 stainless steel the slides are machined to accept widely-available Gen 3 parts.  Slide serrations wrap around both the front and rear of the slide which is also cut for standard Glock sights and Trijicon RMR-patterned optics.

A striker channel liner needs to be installed, but for the cost these slides are hard to beat.  When ours first came in we gave viewers the chance to vote for either a stock or tuned build.  The votes leaned for tuned and so ours was completed using parts from L2D Combat.  In Glock fashion finishing the slide was simpler than some Lego kits.  See our results in the video below:

As you can see above they work.  These slides from Brownell’s allow owners to complete an 80% build, or simply upgrade their standard Glock for less than the cost of factory parts.  It’s a great time to celebrate the market free-market economy and hopefully Glock will learn their lesson and actually integrate some modernization into the Gen 6.