Hexmag, LLC (www.hexmag.com), maker of advanced AR-15/AR-10 magazines, also makes AR pistol grips. The two grips are available in black or flat dark earth and feature upper grip extensions to improve ergonomics. 

The Hexmag Tactical Grip (HTG) features a unique over molded soft rubber grip surface with finger grooves and a rounded back strap swell similar to many 1911 pistols. The HTG also comes with the innovative GapperTM which fills the space between the trigger guard and grip for increased comfort.

The HTG allows for a fuller and firmer grip squeeze – or purchase and is an excellent choice for most shooters. Its grip well is also hollow so backup items such as batteries, ear plugs, and a number of after-market accessories can be inserted inside for long term backup.
MSRP: $34.99
“The versatility that each of these grips provides to our customers ensures that whether in the field or at the range, Hexmag has affordable options that get the job done.”–Says Dave Smith, Marketing Director.

The Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip (ATG) is designed for competition and shooters with special needs/requirements. This patented and easily-installed grip allows shooter to adjust the grip angle by several degrees to accommodate different preferences, hand sizes and/or shooting positions.

Installing the ATG on an AR-15/10 platform is a five-minute task that can be done without machining or special fitting. After installation, the grip angle can be easily adjusted from the standard to 17, 25 or 33 degrees takes in just a few seconds: loosen the grip well screw, move the grip to the desired position, then re tighten the screw and it will stay locked in position.
MSRP: $27.99
Hexmag grips, magazines and accessories are made in the USA and come with Hexmag’s Lifetime Warranty! Get your Hexmag grips HERE and check out their new line of AR magazines and other gear for serious shooters.
Hexmag, LLC
Loveland CO
Photos courtesy of HexMag