SIRT training pistols are an awesome and safe way to train without your firearm. When you pull the trigger a laser shoots and lets you know where you are hitting and where you are missing. It’s an excellent dry fire and a painless force on force tool. It can be used for a wide variety of different training applications and is 100% safe. The newest model is the Sirt pocket pistol.


The standard Sirt pistol was basically a full sized Glock lookalike. It was effective and worked, but for concealed carry, it was big for most people. Using a training device that matches your actual weapon can be incredibly valuable. This is where the Sirt pocket pistol comes in.

Sirt Pocket Pistol

With most people carrying a small, subcompact single stack weapon the frame and size of the full-size Glock Sirt just doesn’t mesh. Smaller guns have a shorter sight radius and smaller grips, which make them harder to shoot. Training with the Sirt pocket pistol to replicate your actual pistol will give you a better and more effective training experience.

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SIRT Pocket Pistol

The SIRT pocket pistol was lightweight but was an accurate replica of most pocket pistols out there. The trigger pull is somewhat long, like a DAO trigger, and the sight radius is of course, short. It is certainly a quality piece of gear, and I’m looking forward to seeing it when it hits shelves. Check Sirt out here.