Fashion or Functionality?

Yes, you can have both…

When I first saw the RUSH Delivery LIMA my initial thought was: “This bag was far too technical for the everyday executive”. Sure, if I were conducting business in Cartel-era Columbia the quick-draw compartment for a covert sidearm might be useful but how often did I need that in my daily business functions? The superior tactical design was more than eye-catching but certain to raise suspicion of some type of secret operation within the walls of my office right?

Nonetheless, I began to load the LIMA with my personal tactical essentials (laptop, portfolio, iPad, iPhone, folders, pens, etc) and to say I was surprised would be an understatement. This bag was cavernous with more internal and external storage space than even the most industrious executive could fill, but it still managed a slim and highly portable design. It easily accommodated a 17” laptop within its secure padded compartment. I slipped the iPad into a separate nook and then began to see how much gear I could stuff into this beast… iPhone, check… portfolio check…pens, check…legal size manilla folders…check, camera….check. I was literally looking for more things to occupy the numerous compartments the LIMA offered. A luxury, I might add that my Kenneth Cole Portfolio / Computer Case never provided.

Out the door I went fully loaded, mission ready and into my personal assault vehicle, err…BMW. Never could I have anticipated the reaction upon arrival at my office sans the usual luxury leather “fashion statement” over my shoulder. Instead of curious stares, I was greeted with genuine intrigue about my latest piece of hardware. “Where did you get that and how can I get one?”, was one response. Others were drawn to the “industrialized – special forces” appearance of the LIMA. Most just looked on enviously as I pulled everything but the kitchen sink from its belly like some triumphant archeologist returning from my latest conquest.

But here’s where things got fun…

As a bounty hunter/bail bond agent my days are…lets just say, less than routine. Most of the time I’m in court to file various motions or meeting with a family member to bond their loved one out of custody. However, on occasion, I find myself in situations that require a more forceful response. I’ve always kept my “deterrents” in a separate bag in the trunk of my car. The LIMA, however, provided a whole new option… A multitude of areas designed specifically to carry these types of protective devices and the ammunition that makes them effective, on my side and at the ready.

I know, I started this write up mocking the need for such compartments but let’s face it the world is changing every day. Sadly this isn’t Mayberry and a routine day at the office can quickly become less than routine for any of us. The need, for even the most strident desk jockey, to securely and fashionably carry both business and protective tools is far more commonplace. The RUSH Delivery Lima provides all of this and more.

*Written by Scott  Seymour