Before we start this review, I will be completely honest with all of you, 5.11 Tactical is not one of my favorite brands. It’s nothing against 5.11, they make a great product, but I just don’t want to be that “wannabe operator airsoft dude” that wears nothing but 5.11 gear. I like being discreet in everything I do and I definitely don’t want to act like an “Operator” when I’ve never been one. 5.11 tends to stand out even in their civilian clothing and that’s the big problem that I have with 5.11. Already having a super biased opinion about 5.11, the editor here at the Loadout Room, Scott, told me about a quality pack by 5.11 and I told him I’d give it a shot. I also told him that if I didn’t like it, I was sending it back to him. That pack was the 5.11 Tactical AMP24. AMP stands for All Missions Pack. Long story short, I never sent it back…

5.11’s All Mission Pack (AMP)24 is built for 12 hours of fun in the sun and 12 hours of fun with no sun… (It comes in 3 sizes, each with a play on how many hours its ideal for, 12, 24 and 72). It’s an ideal 24-hour pack, but I personally think that its one of those packs where if you are good at tactical tetris packing you could push the limits to 2 maybe 3 days. There is a lot of room for activities in this pack! So what about this pack made me keep it? It’s narrow, it’s comfortable, it’s dynamic and versatile, and lastly it is a breachers friend. Now I’m not a breacher (I’m in the process of becoming breacher certified) but this pack is set up to be a breachers best friend because it is narrow and spacious. Another great quality to add to the breacher aspect is that it features the hex platform that 5.11 runs. Now I had never ran anything with that platform hooked up to it, but I love it now. It’s crazy and the possibilities are endless.


5.11 Tactical AMP 24 | A Breacher's Best friend
On “over sight” during a training operation off the coast of Virginia. My gear features the AAC Frog by First Spear, AMP24 pack by 5.11, Gatorz Eyewear, and Altama Maritime Assault Boots

The AMP24 was introduced at SHOT show 2018 along with a slew of other products. It’s one of those packs that I take into work every day, on just about every operation I am on and its just all around super durable and comfortable. I wear it with the First Spear AAC Frog and I have no complaints. I have had a lot of problems wearing packs on top of my plate carrier, but with the AMP24, I really haven’t had any. The AMP24 features lots of compartments – most notable the CCW pocket with loop panel and webbing strap for holster attachment for “off the grid, civilian life concealed carry”. I also like the quick release shoulder straps that come off in the blink of an eye – perfect for getting yourself out of it if need be as well as a fleece lined pocket that I put either my Clear Lens Gatorz in or my Gatorz Magnums in. I also love the back padding for if you’re carrying a heavy pack. The biggest compartment that I like is the Laptop or hydration compartment. While having a frozen camelback defrost in that compartment, my gear in the main compartment stayed dry and that’s huge to me as I freeze my camelback 99% of the time before operations. When getting the pack completely soaked in saltwater, I had no issues with the zippers or with my gear getting wet and in the maritime world, that’s one of the biggest things I like in my gear.

All in all, I’m not completely sold on 5.11, but I am sold on their amp24. It’s solid, rugged, durable, and all around my day to day pack whether at home or on operations. You can pick up the AMP24 for $189 and it’s well worth the money. Do yourself a favor and pick up this pack!