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We got word just a bit ago that 5.11 Tactical (home to such alluring coquettes as David Hein Willem Driessen) has released a limited edition version of their Covert Boxpack in MultiCam Black. Previously available in Black (black), Storm (brownish), and Storm (grey), the Covert Boxpack is a pack we’ve discussed before. It’s a rolltop style pack (water-resistant, not –proof) that doesn’t doesn’t have too much 5.11 Tactical brand labeling, which is a plus; “low-pro” gear frequently isn’t, and labels are often part of the problem.

Grunts: coquette.

Some people will complain that the MultiCam Black color way is less than low profile, etc. etc., yada yada, to which we respond:

“First, 5.11 is going to sell a bunch of these whether you complain or not. Second, lots of people are wearing cammie colored shit these days. Worry about a pack with a reasonable profile less and your body language and haircut more — but most importantly avoid the SHOT Show tuxedo or contractor chic clothing combo. Wearing a day pack, even in a fancy cammie print? Not a huge flag, though definitely an indicator. Wearing this pack sporting a T-1000 haircut or a high’n’tight, Oakley Razors, pants with a gozillion pockets and desert-suitable boots? Why yes, that could be problematic.” 

But we digress. Here’s what 5.11 tells us about the pack.

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