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Gay for Backpacks: 5.11’s “Rush 72”
Chris Hernandez

A ways back I got a 5.11 “Rush 72” backpack for review. The Rush 72 is smaller than a ruck, larger than a patrol pack, and as the name suggests is intended to give the user the capability to carry 72 hours worth of gear. 5.11 did a pretty good job with this mid-sized pack, and I wish I’d had one in Afghanistan.


The Rush 72 has more compartments than my old ALICE. Its main compartment is open for general storage plus has a mesh zippered compartment and bungee compartment on the back wall, plus two zippered mesh compartments and a solid nylon compartment on the front wall. The mesh compartments would be perfect for IFAKs or other gear you need to be able to identify at a glance instead of having to dig for.

Behind the main compartment is storage for a hydration pouch, plus a slot for a removable rigid frame. On top is a fleece-lined sunglasses pocket. Each side of the Rush 72 has a long GP zippered compartment, two internal slash pockets each. At the front top is a small GP compartment with an internal zippered mesh pouch and slash pocket. The outermost portion of the pack is a large secondary compartment subdivided into multiple radio pouches, zippered mesh and nylon compartments, and a small admin (pen/pencil/marker) organizer.

Right behind that secondary compartment is a large, handy “shove it” area, open on top with mesh sides. This area can be used to stow items like rain jackets that you wouldn’t want to wear all the time but might need right now. It would also be useful for snatching up and stuffing woobies, mags or other items laying around if you have to unexpectedly boogie to another position.

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Photo courtesy of 5.11 Tactical