In the video below, you’ll see 5 firearms related products that may be useful to you. First up is Tactical Walls. A product that I currently use and have sold through my construction business. They are a great discrete firearms storage solution that you can read more about here in my review. Next up is Lumatic Targets. This is something I’m going to look into for personal use on my range. I have 2 teenage boys that love to shoot. Coupled with our natural competitiveness, this may be just what we need to keep training fresh. Third on the list is The Gun Box. A solution for safe storage of your pistol in the open. Securing firearms has become a hot-button topic and this product could be part of the solution. Next is the Cookie Cutter Comp from Strike Industries. A bizarre looking muzzle device that is advertised as reducing muzzle m movement. Personally, I’ve never felt the 5.56 AR’s have much if any muzzle movement but who knows. Watching the LEO test this device is pretty amusing though. Finally, iTarget Pro is a “train at home” laser that can be used in your personal firearms.