In almost every concealed carrier’s time carrying a handgun, he or she will inevitably be confronted with certain decisions that need to be made. They can be related to carrying a firearm altogether or the decision to try to step into an uncertain situation.

Let’s go over five decisions every concealed carrier will likely have to make.

“Should I carry today?”

The simplest question any concealed carrier asks themselves is whether or not they will carry their handgun with them that day. You can’t use a weapon you don’t have. Choosing to leave the gun at home can be a strategic decision because you know you’ll be heading into an area that prohibits carrying. It could also be a decision you make for personal reasons. Whichever the case, you have to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Check out our article Why You Should Always Carry.

“Is self defense ammo really worth it?”

Ammunition can get pretty expensive relative to how we use it. For going to the range, full metal jacket is priced right and gets the job done. When it comes to defending our lives, however, a round that expands when it hits soft tissue can help neutralize an attacker faster than punching clean holes through him. Check out our 5 Tips on Selecting Self Defense Ammo.

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