Nowadays, you have a ton of options to choose from when picking out a good EDC knife. Hands down, one of the most important things to consider is what type of locking mechanism it has. In terms of strength, a frame lock is tough to beat. This kind of lock is usually found on expensive, high-end knives — for good reason. Luckily for us, they’re recently becoming popular on much more affordable designs. Today, we’re highlighting 5 frame lock knives that won’t break the bank.

Why Carry a Frame Lock Knife?

It all boils down to sheer strength. A frame lock is one of the sturdiest types of knife lock out there (not to mention, it allows for some uniquely aesthetic knife designs). That’s because it’s essentially a beefed up version of a more common liner lock. Instead of a thin metal plate holding the blade in place, it’s a part of the handle (or frame) of the knife itself. And with the entire handle being so much thicker than just a liner, there’s more metal-on-metal contact. The result? A super strong lockup.

If you’re curious about other lock types, you can learn more about ’em here. But for now, let’s get into the gear…

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