When it comes to camping, many consider drinking to be an integral part of the overall experience. And when you’re in the great outdoors, beer is generally the alcoholic beverage of choice. Sure, it’s easy to bring a case of beer to your campsite if it’s close to your vehicle, but if your campsite is further away, or if you’re going on a hike, packing and storing your beer correctly is critical.

If you want to keep your cold ones cold, check out some of these pro-tips for storing your beer while camping. When your next camping trip comes around, you’ll be able to crack a cold one anytime you wish.

Skip The Bottles:

5 Pro-Tips For Keeping Your Beer Cold While Camping and Hiking

Unless you’re camping near your car and have access to recycling, bringing bottled beer on a camping trip is generally not the best idea. Clear bottles can easily be skunked from excessive sunlight, but the possibility of dealing with broken glass is an even bigger risk. And if you’re going on a hiking trip, bringing back the empty bottles will be a headache, so it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Consider Cans:

Cans are a much better alternative to bottled beer, but keeping them cold has proven to be difficult. When packing your canned beer into a backpack, consider the temperature. If it’s exceptionally hot, you’ll want to enclose the beer in the center of the pack and keep it insulated. But if it’s cooler out, you can easily keep the beer close to the outside of the pack and use the natural air as a refrigerator.

5 Pro-Tips For Keeping Your Beer Cold While Camping and Hiking

Get Your Growler On:

Growlers are easily the best option for drinking during a hike. They typically come in two standardized sizes: 32 oz. and 64 oz., so think about how much weight you’ll be able to carry and how much you’ll want to drink on your excursion. Some growlers are insulated to help keep your beer cold, but if yours isn’t, don’t worry — there’s a super quick and convenient way to cool it down, even without a cooler…

Cool It In The Creek:

5 Pro-Tips For Keeping Your Beer Cold While Camping and Hiking

That’s right — believe it or not, you can place your beer into a creek or other body of water and feel it get cold within minutes. Fully submerged beer gets cold in about 10 minutes, and partially submerged beer takes about 30 minutes to reach the temperature of the water. With this trick, you’ll never need to lug a cooler on a hike again!

Know Optimal Drinking Temperatures:

Finally, you should know that different types of beer are best enjoyed at certain temperatures. According to Beer Advocate, strong beers should be stored and consumed between 55 and 60 degrees, lighter beers at between 45 and 50 degrees, and standard ales and IPAs at between 50 and 55 degrees.

Ultimately, beer may not be a camping essential, but it’s a luxury for many. And by taking the right steps, you can enjoy a cold one anytime on your camping trip, whether you’re on a strenuous hike or sitting by the campfire.

Article and photos courtesy of Drink Tanks

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