Whether you’re planning a camping trip or an expedition to the Amazon Jungle, success is all about preparation. The jobs we ask our blades to do outdoors can really punish an edge. When you’re in a remote area, effective abrasives won’t be available and yet you’re going to need a sharp knife to be productive. The good news is there are affordable solutions available.

Here are 5 reasons a field sharpener should be a mandatory part of your kit:

1. Blades Dull Faster in the Field
When you’re in the field, the jobs at hand are going to wear out your edge faster than when you’re at home. Batoning, whittling, and field-dressing game will challenge even the hardest super steels, let alone softer steels like 1095. When your blade inevitably dulls, a field sharpener is the most effective and easiest way to get that essential edge working again.

2. A Dull Blade Will Slow you Down
Even with a sharp knife, survival experts say that major jobs like building a shelter are going to wear your hands out. But, the extra force it takes to make cuts with a dull knife will slow you down, consume more of your energy, and cause blisters and hand fatigue. What started as a few hours’ work with a sharp knife can turn into a day-long ordeal with a blunter edge.

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