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You just weathered the largest storm that you’ve ever been in. You survived high-powered winds, torrential downpour, and even massive landslides and biblical levels of flooding. Some call it the storm of the century, you just thank your lucky stars that you and your family made it through intact.

With the governor calling a state of emergency, you don’t know when assistance will arrive. It’s a good thing you had the foresight to prepare for the worst by gathering and storing gear and provisions that will keep you and your family supplied until things normalize.

You go to check on your survival packs and it dawns on you. With exception to the items that came encased in watertight plastic bags, most everything else you packed is water logged to the point that it is unusable or has been otherwise destroyed by the elements. You realize that the bags you packed your survival gear in were not suitable to keep things dry, which, as it turns out, was crucial.

That’s just the nightmare scenario that might happen if you don’t store your survival gear in packs that are designed to be weatherproof. Not only is it important that you prepare for the unimaginable, but you also need to make sure what gear you prepare is ready when you need it the most. Waterproof backpacks can help minimize damage and even protect your food, tools, and other survival items from the elements, especially from wet weather.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life