Across the United States departments, agencies and companies continue to reduce their personnel, equipment and the training made available to their people. Some of the people working for these entities hold onto this belief that if their management isn’t going to pay to improve things then why should they as an individual do the same?  I don’t agree with this line of reasoning.

Keep in mind that even for elite warriors that training is a perishable skill. It’s usually the first thing given up when other missions or duties come up. And tactical training is a perishable skill that you need to get your body used to doing. Another thing to keep in mind is, the better the shape you are in, the better you will perform; don’t leave this up to leadership because the responsibility falls on you.

Why buy your own ammo, why search out quality gear bags, or eye-pro or pay for shooting classes, why learn, why influence others?

If you’re not spending time learning then you’re going to fall behind those who are actively seeking ways to improve. Learning skills helps you become a valuable member of a team and also in being a self-reliant individual. I enjoy training. It is an opportunity to learn things that I know nothing about. It’s always a win situation for me. If the instructors and students are good or bad at what they do, I still benefit in some way by their examples. Any of the training you get will build those skills to make you useful in your trade, be it infantryman, protective security, woodsman or armored guard.

I’ve listed for you some of the training you might look into. Time constraints are something that affect us but don’t let this deter you from finding a way to learn. Some training may cost you thousands of dollars such as advanced firearms certifications that require you to pay for the ammo and the instruction. However, other training, such as self-defense courses taught at local community colleges are freely given. I promise you, one day you will be grateful for the knowledge you took away from a course because you will one day use it to save a life, I really believe that. Those with a certain mentality will always be the first to respond. Make sure you have the skills in your tool box.

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