In essence, this book outlines what Ernest Emerson believes are the skills needed to survive a deadly attack. The attack could come in the form of a full-blown terrorist attack, mall shootings, school shootings, home invaders, or from the thug wanting to take your wallet and valuables. This book is under one-hundred pages, easy to read, and recommended for both men and women. As stated in my previous book review, Surviving Inside The Kill Zone, educating yourself is the first step in personal protection and survival.


Situational Awareness – Whether you are aware of it or not, assume you are always being scanned by someone of bad intent. Bad people are always looking for an easy victim. How do you present yourself from becoming that “right” or “wrong” victim? It is your duty to yourself, your loved ones, your team mates, or those under your command, to always have situational awareness and to never get caught with your guard down.

Preemptive Self Defense – Carry yourself in a way that radiates confidence and an imposing bearing. Mess with me and you’ve got a fight on your hands. “Choose someone easier” is the essence of this idea.

Your Gut Never Lies – It exists for one purpose and one purpose only – to keep you safe. There is no other reason for its existence. The key is to let your gut feeling do its job.

The Will To Survive – The surest way to buildup this habit is repetition and practice. Push yourself to those quitting moments again and again – do whatever will kill you and just back it off a little. Every time push yourself to carry on, to do a few more reps, another couple of laps, one more round in the ring, you not only build your resolve to survive, but get stronger in the process.

Fight For Your Life – In order to survive a true, deadly attack, you must be willing to pull out all the stops and be willing to do whatever it takes to save yourself or your loved ones. All the training in the world will do you no good in that extreme moment if you don’t have intent.

Loss Of Self – If your opponent senses he is up against a true warrior, one who is projecting the following: I’m fighting for a righteous purpose – I’ll kill you if I have to – I don’t care what happens to me and I will fight to the death, then your opponent knows immediately the price he is about to pay.

Never Do Anything Without a Purpose – The key to efficient and effective combat skills is to strip everything away to the bare essentials. This means only what is necessary. Anything else is useless and unnecessary. Questions to ask yourself when preparing: Why do it? Why learn it? Why spend time practicing it? Can I survive a deadly attack?

Title: “7 Essential Skills Needed To Survive A Deadly Attack

Length – Pages: 91 Pages

MSRP: $11.99 direct from Emerson Knives

About the author: Mr. Emerson is a respected authority on ancient warfare and hand-to-hand combat systems. He has undertaken an extensive study of ancient hand-to-hand combat systems from the Roman Gladiatorial and Legionary fighting systems to the present. His hybrid system has been taught to numerous Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, members of the U.S. Military, including U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy SEAL teams, U.S. Air Force and Army Special Forces. Mr. Emerson has instructed FBI, DEA, Federal SWAT teams, operatives from various government agencies, correctional officers, high risk entry teams and hundreds of civilians. Emerson Knives is the only knife company in the world that can bring such unique experience to not only the tactical design aspect of the knives, but to the tactical training in the use of the knives and hand-to-hand combat. Emerson Knives was the first knife company to offer this medium of training with the use of knives starting in 1995. There is less than a handful of instructors in the world qualified to teach real world combat fighting skills. Ernest Emerson is one of them. Mr. Emerson has been issued confidential, secret, top-secret, and compartmentalized security clearances.

Do yourself and your family a favor and pick up “7 Essential Skills Needed To Survive A Deadly Attack.” For only $11.99, you get real world knowledge from a leading combat systems instructor. If he is good enough for our Elite SOF Units, then this book is surely worth the read. Today is the day to start educating yourself.