If you’re going out to the square range for some super-cool tactical operator operations, you probably only need your rifle, handgun, plate carrier and sunglasses. However, if you’re going to go hiking, zombie-hunting, or even do decent training, you’ll need to carry along some basic necessities. How will you carry them? Backpacks are fine, but if you want to compartmentalize, a MOLLE utility pouch is a great way to go.

Pouches are relatively simple pieces of kit. Thankfully, this makes them quite easy to evaluate. For the purposes of this article, I looked at several criteria.

First, how much can the pouch hold? For a volume test, I used rice. It’s small and gives a pretty good indication of how much a pouch will carry in volume. To perform this test, I covered the drainage holes from the inside with a small piece of duct tape to keep the rice from spilling out.

Second, how adaptable is the pouch? Does it have an interior divider that allows you to further compartmentalize and organize your gear? Can it only attach to MOLLE, or does it have the ability to hook onto older ALICE gear?

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(Featured image courtesy of tacticalgunreview.com)