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Move over, leather. While it’s the classic material of choice for an everyday carry wallet, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best. And because a wallet can be so simple just by its design, what it’s made of plays a huge role in how effective it is for EDC. In this guide, we’re highlighting 8 minimalist wallets cut from a different cloth. They’re made using the go-to materials in other demanding applications—from firefighting to military body armor—so you know they’re up to the task of carrying your cards and cash.

Slim Wallets Cut from a Different Cloth

etc wallets

Dynomighty Mighty Wallet

You know those express shipping envelopes that feel kind of like a cross between paper and cloth? That’s Tyvek — the main material used in the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet. For its feather-light weight, Tyvek is certainly mighty: it’s water resistant, tear resistant, and expandable. Even better, Tyvek is recyclable, making it a more eco-friendly choice of wallet. Physical properties aside, the material also allows for fun graphics, colors, and patterns you can’t get on a regular leather wallet.

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Flowfold Wallets

Stronger than steel, yet light enough to float. That’s the kind of strength to weight ratio you’ll get from the DiamondFiber used on Flowfold wallets. DiamondFiber’s origins as a high-performance sailcloth make it an excellent choice for a minimalist wallet that’s strong, slim, light, and able to take on some water.

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