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Firearm enthusiasts’ holiday wish lists can run up a bill pretty quickly because the guns they adore tend to have a hefty price tag attached to them. So we came up with a list of AR rifles that shoot like champions without breaking the bank.

Scroll through our gallery of AR rifles for under $1,000 and pick one out for your wish list this holiday season.                               

Armalite M-15 Law Enforcement Carbine

AR rifles were born with Armalite. With the respected name, the M-15 Law Enforcement Carbine has instant credibility with home defenders and law enforcement alike. The rifle has a chrome-lined barrel and a two-stage trigger. A six-position, collapsible buttstock allows the gun to fit shooters of different statures and rapidly adjusts if they don external body armor. Its MSRP is $989. (armalite.com; 800-336-0184)

Colt Expanse M4

The Expanse M4 puts a Colt quality AR-15 within easy reach of the modern sportsman looking to enhance his or her AR collection, or the first-time buyer looking for a starting point on which to build their dream modern sporting rifle. Either way, the Expanse M4 in 5.56 x 45 NATO (.223 Rem.) is a great way to add another Colt to the stable. The Expanse M4 retails for $699. (colt.com; 800-962-2658)

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