In the pistol forums, I browse through, I’ve been reading a lot of hype about 9mm compensators. It seems to be the hot topic these days. And if you don’t have one on your Glock, you’re somehow missing out. I for one, never really put much thought into it. Seriously, it’s a 9mm we’re talking about here, right? One of the main reasons I decided to switch from .40 S&W to 9mm was recoil management. And I don’t regret that decision at all.

In the following video, the author demonstrates with a shot timer, the difference between his un-compensated pistol versus compensated. Although not a super scientific comparison, it does show his ability to string accurate shots together quicker. The 9mm compensator may be a real thing after all. But you have to compromise by lengthening your pistol significantly. And most 9mm compensators require a threaded barrel. Not that big of a deal for a competitive shooter where the rules allow it. But I doubt you’ll find me adding the bulk of a compensator to my conceal carry Glock 19

9mm compensators might be a passing fad but some of the evidence is indisputable. The question is, are 9mm compensators worth the trade-off. For someone who needs help with recoil management or a competitive shooter, the answer may be yes.