The Hamilton Watch Company was once one of America’s greatest watch manufacturers. To give a quick overview of their storied history, the company was founded in 1892 and based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For almost a century, Hamilton was widely regarded as one of America’s most prestigious watch brands and all of their manufacturing took place stateside. The Hamilton Watch Company played a huge role in World War II as they ceased the manufacturing of all consumer products to focus on supplying the military with wristwatches. Eventually, the Hamilton Watch Company decided to relocate their manufacturing factory to Switzerland in 1969 and is now owned by The Swatch Group, a Swiss manufacturer whose brands also include Tissot, Longines, and Omega. The Hamilton Watch Company’s influence and reputation were so revered that the now Swiss brand still markets itself as the embodiment of the American spirit, even boasting about Hamilton’s military heritage with some of their current lineup (i.e. Hamilton Field Khaki Mechanical).

The following video presentation was released by the Hamilton Watch Company in 1947 and highlights a moment in time when Hamilton was once a great American watch manufacturer:

Featured image courtesy of Hamilton Watch YouTube Channel