We’re going to take a slightly different approach to this workout article. Instead of highlighting one of the Loadout Room writers routines, we’re going to look at what Stephan Amell did to prepare for his role as Oliver Queen in The Arrow. Now I’m not one to get all into the superheroes like I was as a kid, but there is something different about Arrow. In the show, Arrow, Oliver Queen plays a role that many of us could see as being a legitimate modern day thing. Now I know we’re not going to have masked archers swinging through our cities taking out the scum that walks the streets, although that would be pretty cool to witness. But think about it for a moment, in the show Arrow, he is considered a vigilante. Here is the definition of a vigilante.

a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); broadly a self-appointed doer of justice” – Merriam Webster

Now I don’t know about you, but I could see people stepping into a vigilante role if they reach their threshold of waiting for local authorities or the government to handle things. It’s not really too far-fetched when you think about it.

Back to the fitness and workout piece. One of the obvious traits needed by a vigilante if they’re going to be going toe to toe with multiple bad guys is fitness and a will to fight. Similar to the Violent Nomad workout, they need to be able to run, fight, run. If you’ve watched and followed the show, you’ve seen the scenes where Oliver Queen is working out. Check out the following video.

The following video is actual footage of Stephan Amell going through a workout in preparation for the show.

After watching the two above videos, you should be pretty damn motivated to get outside and work up a sweat. No fancy equipment is needed to get a killer circuit workout going. Need some ideas? Check out our Workout section.

Get out there, better yourself and stay badass.


*Photo courtesy of Green Arrow TV Series Facebook page