The Honey Badger is one of those few firearms that ascends above popular status and (for many) attains that highest level: iconic.  It helped to redefine what a personal-defense weapon (PDW) should do, and how it should look.  While stuck in development hell as designer Kevin Brittingham went from AAC to Sig to his latest company, Q, it spawned dozens of look-alikes and retrofit PDW stock copies.  Now, the diminutive fighter is in full production by Q (and licensed to Noveske).

The YouTube channel Kit Badger covers a lot of cool guns, and breaks the down in video series’ called “Deep Dive”.  Kit Badger went to Q’s headquarters and spent 5 videos breaking down the features and parts that make up the Honey Badger, as well as assembling one himself under the tutelage of some Q assemblymen.