Over the years, the A2 Flash Hider has gotten a bad rap. The Army spent a lot of time and money developing this marvel. It doesn’t look as cool as the new aggressive muzzle brakes, but it does a different job. The flash hider reduces flash so you are not blinded and there are no fireballs lighting up your position.

Flash hiders break venting gas into small sections which cool rapidly. Muzzle brakes collect gas and jet it out in big fireballs to push against recoil. Some people say the A2 Flash Hider Sucks, I strongly disagree. It depends on what you want. A muzzle brake is the opposite of a flash hider, it is a flash magnifier.

I carried the M-16A2 and the M-4 which use the A2 Flash Hider. I have done side by side test with other flash hiders and I have found nothing that is significantly better. If you are doing a build, the best place to save money us with the A2 Flash Hider.

Depends on your need, but it could be accepted as one of the best given the A2 Flash Hider’s depth of use.

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