Advanced Armament Corporation’s Halcyon: Two Rim Fire Silencers in One
Mike the Mook

Of all the silencers on the market, we find the rimfire cans to be some of the most versatile. The latest from AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) appears to be one of the most useful yet. The Halcyon is a modular suppressor that is essentially two cans in one.

AAC Halcyon – Two Rim Fire Silencers in One

When suppressing 17 HMR, 17 M2, 22 Magnum or even FN’s 5.7 you may want to run a longer profile silencer for better suppression. In this case that is a matter of 5.28 in. with a weight of 6 oz. However if you want to quiet a bolt action .22 long rifle and keep a shorter profile you can take it down to a 3.4 in. can that weighs a scant 4.5 ounces.

Switching back and forth takes a matter of seconds without tools, just like the company’s Ti-Rant 45M and Ti-Rant 9M.

When our good friends at asked us if we wanted to try it, we looked at the e-mail like they were stoopid — we always want to try new cans.

AAC Halcyon – Two Rim Fire Silencers in One

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