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Actually Listening to End-Users: Trijicon

How many times has a product come out that made you say, “What the hell were they thinking?” Experienced shooters can quickly spot a bad product, marketing ploy or something that serves no purpose other than to look good. Trijicon wants to change the expected industry approach by taking into account end-user feedback on current and prototype products — in the open, with media present.

William Petty, of Centrifuge Training, was contracted to lead the range portions of the event. Petty said, “This event was important for me because I see the value in companies building the optics we need to shoot instead of what they want to build.” Petty’s opinion lends true to the intentions Trijicon had for the event. Reflex Sight Product Manager, Logan Killam, said, “In the past, Trijicon did not define segments to target, we released optics to a general audience. In the future, we will build optics with a feature set that appeal to a more defined audience by offering products that meet those user’s needs.

Actually Listening to End-Users: Trijicon

While we can’t tell you everything that was discussed, we can say that both the Reflex Sights and Iron Sights product lines were evaluated. Items were mounted on firearms and tested against competitors’ products. Bold move, Trijicon, bold move, and one we respect. Most of the time, companies will do side-by-side comparisons behind closed doors. Trijicon gave us transparency and straight up asked what we liked and/or disliked about their products versus competitors’ products.

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