A while back, just after we finished reviewing the impressive Diamondback DB10 we received the Ex Performance M4 stock from Adaptive Tactical.  I’m not the kind of guy to get super excited about furniture.  I go to Ikea for the house, and usually run what comes with the gun on a rifle.  I simply have too many guns and too little time to really get concerned with rifle furniture.  When the stock arrived it looked well made, but wasn’t something I thought would be game changing.  Unfortunately when the stock from Adaptive Tactical arrived I had just sent the Diamondback back.

Eventually the Stag Arms Model 10S arrived.  The rifle is great, and comes with a very effective brake from VG6, but Erika found the .308 to be a bit pounding and we had a stock to try out.  As you can see in the video the combination of the brake and stock made for an AR-10 that was both easy to control and plenty comfortable to shoot.  I originally had concern that the rubber butt pad would be too soft, or would collapse in a non uniform manner and cause the rifle to rock or yaw.  I was pleasantly wrong.

The rifle remained easy to control under rapid fire without punishing the shoulder.  For less than $50 I won’t complain.  Sure, I don’t mind the recoil of .308, but Erika does and if she’s not having a good day at the range I’m not having a good day at all.  Mine was provided for review, but as a purchase I’d say it’s cheap insurance to not only keep bruises off the shoulder, but also make it easier for others to enjoy shooting as well.  Adaptive Tactical has models for shotguns as well.  The features as pulled from the Adaptive Tactical website are:

  • Designed for owner installation
  • M4-style stock with adjustable length-of-pull
  • Easy to reach rapid adjust lever
  • Integrated QD swivel attachment
  • Compatible with Mil-Spec sized extension tubes
  • Available in Black and FDE (Flat Dark Earth)
  • Made in the U.S.A.