While shooting my shotgun one day I thought “man, it would be nice if this thing had a rail on it. And if there isn’t a company already making one, I’m going to start one.” A quick google search killed my second idea, as I found there was indeed a company already making rails for various shotgun make and models. That company is Black Aces Tactical.

After a look at their website, I ordered the Black Aces Tactical Quad Rail for my Mossberg 930 and I must say I am not disappointed. When the rail came in the mail I couldn’t wait to get it on. Pulling it out of the box I was surprised to feel how light it was. Weighing in around 10oz this T6 Aluminum rail barely adds any weight to your weapon. The 1913 Picatinny top rail with the forward quad gives you customization options that you could only dream to find on a shotgun.

The quad rail is MIL-A-8625 Type II anodized, comes with a secure lock clamp system, and all hardware and tools needed to assemble. At least it is supposed to. My kit was missing the spacer needed to secure the clamp to your magazine tube. It didn’t matter for me as I have a mag extension on my gun but had I been running a stock tube I would have been out of luck.

The rail itself has performed great and the install takes about 10 mins. A solid buy if you want to add some accessories to your shotgun along with some “tacticool” points. The only thing I wasn’t pleased with was the customer service at Black Aces Tactical. I emailed them about my missing spacer but never received a response.

The kit itself says it comes with the spacer, yet they never made an attempt to make it right, much less respond to my email. This makes me weary to purchase other items from them, but the rail is so cool, it may compensate for the poor customer service. I haven’t decided yet. Check out the video for more details.