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Land Cruisers aren’t for everyone, but Rodney Wills isn’t “everyone.”

Rodney has lived a life of constant immersion. He just can’t do anything casually. He’s been diving head-first into the deep end of myriad pools since he was a teenager. It was then, before he could drive, that his love for BMX drove him to open his own bike shop in the suburbs of Birmingham, Ala.—long before Amazon and eBay. And in that same analog era, a local record shop enlisted Rodney’s services based on his uncanny ability to find good music well before iTunes made it easy.

A foray into street art garnered commissioned work from a major metropolitan museum, and when Rodney forged a path out west, he was inspired to create one of the most influential underground tuner car magazines of the day. Rodney’s fast and furious lifestyle eventually pushed him into stage rally racing. But when he danced on the edge of the Grand Canyon, doing near-triple-digit speeds on a narrow dirt path, Rodney had an epiphany. “That was it,” he recalled. “The pivotal moment when I knew I didn’t need a checkered flag. I just wanted to come back and take in the view.”


This moment instilled in Rodney a lust for unplugging and getting off the grid as often as possible. Much like everything else in his life, Rodney immersed himself in the search for the perfect getaway vehicle, which brought him to this well-worn Toyota. And he couldn’t have made a better choice, as Land Cruisers are very popular for off-roading all across the globe. You can always count on one of these beasts to deliver you from evil when SHTF. They are virtually indestructible.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life