For years, the firearms market was omitted from innovation in the multi-tool market. Leatherman and other companies pushed out huge varieties of consolidated pacakages which could be pressed into service for firearms owners, they were not ideal, lacking many of the tools shooters needed or field work on their weapons.

This has quickly changed over the last five years. Leatherman, mentioned above, released their MUT tools and smaller companies such as REAL-AVID have worked to fill the void (which I reviewed previously) for the AR-15 and AK series weapons. However, no one has really focused on the handgun side of things… until now.

Advance Dynamic Systems out of California has been toiling to create a dedicated Glock tool. With millions of the handguns in the field, it makes sense that it was tackled first over the M&P, Rugers, and other platforms.

The Advance Dynamic Systems GTX Multi-Tool:

The GTX arrived in full retail packaging, which I must say is attractive. The plastic front showcases the tool and its tasteful design. Opening it up, there are two items inside, the GTX tool and the corresponding nylon pouch. The pouch itself is formed with an insert for the tool and will not collapse, but I am dissapointed to see its compatible with belt-loops only. No provision for attachment to MOLLE is present.

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