In a world of multi-tools, few actually stand the test of being used multiple times. When stamped plastic and clichés take priority over quality and focused design, the results are obvious. You may save a few bucks, but you will be likely buying a new one soon enough.

The Tool – by Adventure Mate, is not one of them. Personally, I am very particular of my hardware. And having been used to the best breaching and rescue products on the market, my expectations are high even if the tool used is more focused on a adventurous camping enthusiast. In both realms the Tool did not disappoint me.

Adventure Mate is a small family company, which truly employs every member of the Sayer family in a passion to create a better tool for hard core adventurers, where no such tool truly existed before. The Sayer’s own adventure in designing The Tool took them all over the world.

The final product is a proven design, which focuses on a few main functions of the tool: a hatches, a shovel/spade, a saw, a hammer, and a hook/puller. All are based on a solid metal handle, and are interchangeable. The hatcher/hammer/saw combination is one set up, and the shovel is another. The handle is very comfortable, utilizing a kind of serrated bottom portion, making it less probe to slipping when wet.

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