I have written a few articles in the past on Glock modifications and upgrades I’ve made to my personal Glock 17 carry gun. The one thing I’ve typically stayed aware from are trigger modifications. I’ve looked at trigger upgrades from other companies in the industry. Some only provide you with the trigger shoe requiring you to remove the stock trigger shoe from the trigger bar which damages the stock trigger. Others I’ve seen are just flat out too expensive for my taste.

The drop in trigger offered by Agency Arms has an added advantage over others I’ve seen. The kit from Agency Arms comes with the trigger shoe already attached to an OEM trigger bar. The advantage to this is that you don’t have to destroy the factory trigger when you upgrade. That way if you ever decide to swap back to the stock trigger shoe and bar you can easily replace the Agency Arms shoe and bar with the stock set.

So what are the advantages of these squared off trigger shoes as opposed to the OEM trigger shoe with rounded edges? When pressing the trigger to the rear using the flat trigger shoe ensures a constant pressure at all times resulting in increased trigger control. With the stock rounded shoe the shooter has a tendency to push or pull when pressing the trigger to the rear causing your round to impact to the left or right of center mass. Agency Arms also polishes the trigger bar surfaces that have contact giving you a smoother trigger pull, reduced slack when pressing to the rear, and a shorter trigger reset for follow up shots.

I will be doing a follow-up article with a detailed look at the drop in trigger from Agency Arms and the installation process.

(Featured image courtesy of tacticalshit.com)