We got the word from our friends in Isreal at Agilite that their new kneepads are now standard issue for all IDF combat troops from March onward. You may be thinking the same thing we thought: “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those somewhere.” And you might be right.

The Agilite kneepad design used to be made by KP Industries, who were later bought out by a Canadian company. Agilite liked the design and contacted them to make a more rugged militarized version to submit for the IDF. We also got word that the kneepads are apparently being tested by Polish GROM, Formoza, German KSK, Canadian JTF 2 and a bunch of others.

The articulation of the original KP Industries pads worked well and did a good job of not turning them into shin pads. Let’s just hope they are more forgiving to those of us with tree trunks for legs.

Check out what Agilite had to say about the new Robocop Axis knee pads below.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear