Air Venturi has produced the world’s first frangible .177 caliber BB ammunition. Ten percent faster than traditional steel BBs. Dust Devil BBs shatter on impact with hard targets reducing ricochets to make your shooting experience safer.

Traditional BBs bounce off targets and ricochet, Dust Devils go up in smoke!  Using a special alloy blend, these lead-free, ricochet-free rounds leave a wisp of powder instead of harmful lead headed back your way. Load up Dust Devils and .

Dust Devil BBs disintegrate into tiny fragments that safely crumble and fall, instead of sending rounds bouncing back at the shooter, says Air Venturi. Its proprietary blend of special alloys create a round that shoots 10% faster and is completely lead-free.

When I first heard about Dust Devil BBs they seemed to good to be true. I have a SIG SAUER 1911 Spartan BB Pistol. It has a very realistic feel with a full-metal slide and frame. CO2 provides blowback action and it has a 16-round magazine which holds 4.5mm steel BBs.  The 1911 Spartan BB Pistol has a pretty good trigger and all the same controls of a traditional 1911, making it ideal for training.

The combination of the Sig Spartan 1911 and the Dust Devil BBs is plenty accurate at 21 feet. With a 16 round magazine and a reciprocating slide, it is a great training tool for winter basement shooting.

I like to shoot reactive targets. Sig makes some great air gun targets, but they are just not safe with traditional BBs. Dust Devils make these things safe and even more fun. Even if you hit the box at close range there is nothing but dust. I wear eye protection because dust in your eyes is still bad.


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Air Venturi Dust Devil Frangible BBs

  • Shatters on Impact
  • 10% Faster than Steel BBs
  • Ricochet free
  • Lead-Free
  • 4.35 grain
  • Quick-reload folding package
  • 1,500 ct.


You can get your very own Dust Devil Frangeable BBs HERE MSRP: $12.99