An airgun huh? That was my assignment and I approached it with mild caution. I know the difference between an airgun and a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun. The Airforce Condor is reportedly one of the best on the market. This is a seriously powerful gun within its range. It can fire a 22 caliber projectile at 1,250 feet per second. This is a powerful little airgun, and it will devastate small game, like rabbits, squirrels, and more. I had a lot to learn and did so with an open mind.

The Airforce Condor Rundown

The Condor comes in a variety of calibers, but this specific model is a 22 as I mentioned above. It’s a pre-charged pneumatic airgun. That means it uses a reservoir that attaches to the rear of the gun and doubles as its stock. The reservoir can be filled via a hand pump or a scuba tank. You’ll need the proper adapter of course, and a scuba tank is much more convenient.

This gun comes with a 24-inch barrel, but can be outfitted with a 12 or 18-inch barrel. It’s a lightweight at only 6.1 pounds without an optic. There are no iron sights so you will need an optic. 

Setup took me a little time, and I suggest you follow the instructions. If you can read you’ll have it together in about 10 minutes.

On the Range

This was easily my cheapest trip to the range. A free air tank fill up and 8 bucks for 500 pellets meant I had the ability to have fun all day long. Well, until my air tank ran out. The gun is surprisingly customizable. You can adjust the rear stock plate up and down to three different positions. The forward grip can be adjusted forward and rearward to fit your build.

The design is pretty straightforward. The rear has a bolt that you slide forward, this reveals the chamber. You insert a pellet here and close the chamber. When you load the airgun the safety automatically comes on. Once you are in your firing position you deactivate the safety and send some lead downrange.

Recoil? There is none. Anyone who can hold this thing can shoot it effortlessly. Noise wise it’s a little loud, but not like a gunshot. I didn’t feel the need for earpro. I shot a few hundred rounds and wasn’t even annoyed by the gun.

Accuracy wise this thing is a laser. Once I got my optic zeroed I was popping everything for bull’s eyes to 12 gauge hulls. It genuinely brought me back to the days of learning to shoot with a cheap Crosman break barrel. It was pure, unadulterated joy.  

Why is the Airforce Condor so much fun?

This isn’t just a toy, but hunting season is well over for us. I’d love to get in some time with the rabbits and squirrels next season. This quiet little gun would make me their worst nightmare.

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Why is so fun though?

Well, for one it’s just easy, it’s relaxing. I like fighting recoil, I like seeing my par times drop, and I like ringing steel over and over. However, sometimes it’s good to just relax and put holes in things. From soda cans to shotgun hulls. The sheer success of constantly hitting your target without the nose and without the recoil is just relaxing and oh so satisfying.

Sometimes it’s fun to fight the wrath of a shotgun, other times it’s fun to kick back, relax and put pellets into paper. Plus… it’s just good training.

Photos by author.